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We buy all types of public works machinery.

  • Vibratory plate (groomers)
  • Rammer
  • Mini excavator
  • Excavator from 1 to 10 T
  • compactor
  • Roll
  • Loader
  • Carrycot
  • Dumper
  • Etc..

You are looking to sell your machine, but you do not know the machinery market well, you need fast financing but you cannot find the customer, our company is committed to providing you with an estimate of your machine in compliance with market standards.

If you are looking for a machine to replace yours, we are committed to offering you a trade-in offer. Whatever the machine, we pay attention to it.

Do you want to offer us a machine?

To do this, you have the form below to send us your machine that you then wish to sell.

Send us photos of your machine, the year, the number of hours worked and also its serial number and we will offer you a quick purchase offer that is close to market reality.

Whether you are a  construction site professional  or one  particular  looking for a machine, we can find you  the  Where  them  machines that will respond  to your expectations.

We export several types of gear outside of Switzerland, contact us!

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